Obama beer

A quick and dirty reading of President Obama’s solar return.
Download the bi-wheel, SR on the inner wheel, natal chart on the outer: obama-solar-return-2009.pdf

Sun’s house: where you grow and shine. The Sun is almost exactly conjunct the 9th house cusp (Placidus). Foreign affairs and media.

Moon’s house: where many events and changes happen. The 6th house. Employees (White House staff), co-workers. Labor and health care.

Areas of Emphasis

See angles and angular houses

  • House with natal ascendant— an area of special importance, where you’re likely to succeed: 3rd house, direct communications, paperwork, the finer details. Wheeling and dealing.
  • House with natal midheaven— An area where there’s a lot of important work to do: the 12th house, behind the scenes.
  • House with natal descendant— An area where you partner up or duke it out with others: 9th, foreign policy, immigration, in-laws
  • House with natal nadir— an area of importance in your personal and family life: 6th, healthcare, labor, staff/employees.
  • Planets in aspect to the horizon— issues in relationships this year: Mercury square, challenges in communicating, language, technology. Natal Mercury trine SR ASC helps a lot. Natal Moon in Gemini conjunct SR DSC, I’m guessing two important females. One is helpful, the other creates a blockage or obstruction. One is foreign (SR Mercury in 9th), the other is connected to big business/banking (N Mercury in SR 8th)
  • Planets in aspect to the meridian— influences in vocation, home and family, your sense of purpose: Saturn in Virgo conj. the MC. The devil’s in the details, and it’s looking like a hard slog this year. Saturn does not deny, but it does tend to delay and test your commitment to an idea or course of action. On the positive side, Saturn tends to perform well on the MC and tends to reward hard work and effort, in the long run. In the sign of health care (Virgo), the symbolism is powerful. Approval ratings likely to suffer, at least in the short term.

Planets in houses in the Solar Return

  • Mercury— What you’re thinking about, where you’re busiest: 9, foreign affairs, higher education, in-laws, media
  • Venus— Where you’re making connections: 7, cusping 8, banking & finance, Big Business
  • Mars— Where you’re starting something new: 7, relationships, partnerships, treaties, mergers
  • Jupiter— Where you can create growth and benefits, take advantage of good luck: 3, communication, speeches, writing, primary education
  • Saturn— Where you have many obligations and need to take things seriously: 10, status, public image, public life
  • Uranus— Where unexpected changes happen: 4th, home and family
  • Neptune— Where you’re confused, worried, idealistic, spiritually tuned in, and/or most empathic: 3rd, the written and spoken word, primary education, communication
  • Pluto— Where things are transformed, removed, or healed. The “Phoenix” house: 1, appearance, identity, self image, immediate surroundings


This is a grossly simplified quickie month by month forecast. Don’t take it as gospel, I’m just taking a stab at this to watch & see how well it works.

August: challenge
September: progress
October: progress (although a huge square appears in the sky)
November: big Challenge
December: progress, and a bummer
January: progress
March: challenge
April: progress
May: progress, beer
July: fruition