This is Jupiter. His glyph looks like a “lucky 21.” Do not confuse Jupiter’s glyph with Saturn’s, which looks like a lower case “h” crossed like a “t”.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius , and co-rules Pisces

He was known to the ancients as the “greater benefic,” as people with strong Jupiter in the chart tend to be quite lucky.

Jupiter describes your:
Sense of proportion (in a “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” sort of way)
Sense of humor
Higher Mind: Knowledge, Wisdom,
Philosophy, Ethics and Morality
Propensity to gamble or take a risk
Higher Education
Expansion, abundance, BIGGER, MORE
How you Relate to others
Excessive tendencies

Jupiter is a huge, gaseous planet. He takes 12 years to circle the zodiac.

Jupiter rules these things and people:
Law and Law Enforcement, Publishing
Teachers, Mentors

And this part of the body:
The liver, sacrum, hips, and upper legs