Pluto-- old glyph
This is the modern glyph for Pluto. It looks like the letters ā€œPā€ and ā€œLā€ combined.

Pluto-- modern glyph
This is the traditional glyph for Pluto.

You will probably see both symbols used to represent him, and both are correct.

Pluto rules the sign Scorpio.

Pluto’s influence is subtle, yet very very powerful. Pluto represents deep psychological processes that can drive one to control or gain power over some part of her life. These drives are very dangerous when they remain unacknowledged, in the unconscious mind. When this drive is brought into the conscious mind where it can be understood and integrated into the personality, it indicates a healthy self-control and ability to heal others.

Pluto takes 250 years to complete a cycle. The time he spends in each sign varies, because his orbit is elliptical rather than circular. He spends between 12 and 30 years in a single sign.

These keywords describe Pluto:
Death and Rebirth
Survival instincts
Transformation, Healing
Cruelty, Manipulation, Guilt
Power, Healing
Reproduction, Regeneration

Pluto rules the Government, and Nuclear Energy, and also the Bowels and Genitals.